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Air Cleaners are not all the same, and Price doesn’t mean a thing, That’s what these companies want you to believe.  Some of the Jazz is a big name, low effectiveness, All the brands want the business, but have about priced themselves right out the front and back door.

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Using U.V. Lights To Purify The Air

U.V. Lights, Truth is if the bulb is U.V and on, it’s working, and working just as hard as the big labels, What you have to know is, once you buy the light, you want to be sure you can get a replacement bulb in the future. You don’t want another full kit install when the bulb fades! So you may pay a little more for that kind of brand vs a glowing light bulb brand, but the cost is in the backend! Some U.V. lights are combination kits with additional air filtrations attached, best practices are to know what you are looking to achieve with this purchase and if the purchase is going to solve the concern!

Do they WORK? YES, Kills a sneeze, cough, airborne bacteria, on contact!

Is it worth the MONEY? Are you worth the money? What do bacteria mean to you, if its nothing, spend nothing on it! Don’t waste your money, but if Bacteria threats is a concern, this is one awesome way to SHUT THAT DOWN! HONORABLE MENTION: There is no government endorsement for U.V lights and there total level of effectiveness, so don’t believe all those labels you see on the web, some of them are less than desirable companies.

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Thanks For Reading

Hope you found humor on this topic but good solid information, we have studied many brands and installed many brands as well. Just get the one that fits your needs not the fancy image!

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